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    Perpetual problem of running against time, continuous follow-ups, and not getting enough business, affects your growth, profitability and work-life balance.

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    Arkchat eliminates the need to micromanage multiple teams and lets you connect and collaborate with new prospects during presales.

What can Arkchat help you do

Buy, list, and hire here

Sellers list products, professionals post job and freelance services, and you list your expertise on Arkchat Marketplace. You can find, and communicate with jobseekers, freelancers, other professional firms and product sellers. Others can also find and connect with you to discuss your service offerings.


Communicate with teams who speak another language

Language will not be a barrier when you communicate with vendors or others who wish to use your services. When they write to you in Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, or any other language, their messages will be delivered to you in your first language and they will read your messages in their first language.


Converse with your team, vendors, and clients in one chat group

Now you can converse privately with your team, vendors and clients in one group. Furthermore, you and other group members can find all conversations and related documents sorted by topic or relevance. You can also discuss any document and find discussions tagged to respective documents.

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Always know who is doing what

No more chasing teams and timelines, let Arkchat be your secretary. You always know what tasks team members are working on, what’s done, pending and approved. All this, just through conversations.

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Keep track of what is approved

Seek approvals from clients for tasks done, pricing, costing or anything else, for smooth work progress. Find all approvals sorted in one place. Never forget to bill clients for changes approved from time to time.


Surf the internet within your chatbox

You and your teams can search anything from Google and YouTube, embedded inside your chatbox, and instantly attach it to your chats for discussions with each other and clients.


Post content to get likes and build your brand

You can upload and share your work and other interesting content and videos for social engagement. This enhances your brand perception.

  • Chat in your own language
  • Arkchat is a business messaging app that helps you manage your tasks with a click of a button.
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