Manufacturers, their dealers and suppliers are now in the same chat room.

A new way to manage your business

Imagine how easy it will be to manage your business if your material suppliers, logistics partners, and purchase, production, finance, marketing, sales teams, dealers and customers are in one app where they can converse privately, discuss documents and find conversations and documents sorted by topic or relevance. Each knows what to do, what’s done, pending and approved. Access a marketplace right inside your messaging app to purchase or outsource something.

Geographical boundaries dissolve. It doesn’t matter where your factory, head office, sales offices, suppliers, dealers, and customers are. Everyone always remains in sync.

Manage business
Arkchat is a lead generation software that allows you to list your products and engage yourself in presales collaborations.
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Language barriers eliminated. Collaborate internationally with ease

Now converse in your first language while selling globally. Messages to customers and partners are delivered in their first language.

Collaborate in your first language

Serve your customers along with your dealers

You can now collaborate with your customers along with your dealers. Everyone does their bit to convert a prospect into a customer.

Discuss anything

Everyone goes dutch

You pay a nominal chat subscription for your team. Your partners and customers pay for their accounts.

Pay less do more

Listing products is free