Every industry has unique problems. Arkchat solves them all.

Architects & designers juggle between projects. Arkchat makes their life stress free and projects profitable.

Client, engineer, contractor, and vendor meetings, creative thinking – and converting it into drawings – alongside endless discussions and iterations, site management, handling changes, business development, micro managing teams, all add stress to creative people’s lives. Projects get delayed because there is too much on the plate. Arkchat helps manage the project life-cycle, speeds up projects, and gives creative people time for family and friends.

Manage AEC projects

Film producers and directors go through a lot to make a box office hit. Arkchat makes film production management easy.

Managing multiple sets, multiple people – producers, directors, writers, story editors, dialogue coaches, location managers, set designers, art directors, costume designers, production managers, cinematographers, camera operators, production sound mixers, actors, investors, accountants, logistic partners etc. – requires seamless communication, task management, and approval management so that the entire production process can be bound in one thread to keep all in sync. Arkchat does it all through a simple to use messaging app.

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Manage film production

Event managers walk a tightrope to meet event deadlines and keep clients happy. Arkchat makes their journey easy.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to manage multiple stakeholders who are in different locations during a marriage, corporate, or other event. Arkchat’s unique integration of communication, task and approval management, and marketplace makes the whole event management process super smooth.

Manage events

It is difficult to manufacture and sell products. Arkchat helps SME manufacturers go global.

Materials suppliers, and purchase, production, finance, sales, and marketing teams, as well as distributors and dealers, are in sync to communicate swiftly and privately. Manufacturers can list their products on Arkchat Marketplace, be found by customers from all corners of the world and engage in pre-sales conversations with customers alongside their dealer teams. Managing and getting business work together only on Arkchat.

Manage production & sales

Arkchat is also a startup, who knows a startup founder pain better than us? Arkchat solves the problems of managing a startup.

Why employ expensive resources when you can hire qualified freelancers at a much lower price? Employ, communicate with, and manage freelancers from all corners of the world. Assign them tasks, track what’s done and pending. Communicate with them about modules, and track performance history, conversations, and documents sorted by module. Listing your startup on Arkchat Marketplace may also get you new users/customers.

Manage your startup

Professional services firms have finite time. Arkchat helps them maximise earnings by utilising their time better and by providing access to new opportunities.

Every client has a project. To finish projects faster and without compromising on quality, tasks must be managed. Why stress over managing who is doing by speaking to employees or through excel sheets when Arkchat lets you manage a team effortlessly. Now you’ll never forget to bill clients for the modifications they’ve made. Working remotely with multiple teams has become easier.

Professional Services
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