Story of Arkchat, by the ‘Architect’ of Arkchat

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  • Chetan K. Singh

    Chetan K. Singh

    Founder & CEO
  • During my career spanning 25+ years, I tried my hands in auto distribution, trucking, architecture & interior design, contracting, and software development. Everywhere, I was an entrepreneur, which meant that I was managing small errand jobs as well as strategic decisions.

    Two common challenges I found all businesses faced were, how to get more customers and how to manage the business so that earnings could be maximised.

    I started working when there were no computers. Once computers and the internet came into existence, innovators started to address these problems. Today there are amazing platforms and tools to manage various aspects of business and peoples’ personal lives.

    My experience as an entrepreneur, and a tech enthusiast made me realise that there is still no single platform that can help manage business and get more business. I also learned that geographical boundaries have been wiped out. People can now work from anywhere, provide their product or service to any corner of the world, and become well known when they do a good job.

  • Chetan K. Singh

    Founder & CEO
  • Teams have become distributed and many times a group of solo practitioners, working from different cities and nations can collaborate on complex projects.

    I started weaving a solution that could help SMEs manage their business efficiently and get more business, that too without extra effort. To solve this puzzle, it was necessary to find ways to manage tasks and track approvals without having to do both separately, allow everyone to communicate in their own language, and to not only let unknown people connect like on social media but also to let them connect to do business seamlessly.

    Putting these innovations together took me a couple of years, persistence and hope, which made me sail through difficult times; and now, we have Arkchat. It’s not just for SMEs, but for professionals across industries.