Know what everyone is doing, without doing a thing.

Messages = Tasks

A simple message becomes a task at the click of a button. Why go through the process of assigning tasks verbally, using cumbersome excel sheets and heavy-duty task management tools, where managing tasks is also a task.

A message from a customer to a seller, asking for a custom quote by the next day, can in a single click be converted into a task that would remind both the seller and buyer about the request.

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Task Management - Arkchat
Messages = tasks

Arkchat =
Personal secretary

We’ve all been annoyed by having to remind and being reminded time and again.

On a busy day, people tend to forget all that is pending. As a result, seniors act as secretaries to juniors, reminding them of what needs to be done.

Manage tasks
Arkchat Personal secretary

1,000 unmanaged tasks = Extreme stress levels

Every project has uncountable tasks that are effectively managed by expensive project managers. Not anymore, ArkChat makes managing tasks super easy for all sizes of projects.

1,000 unmanaged tasks = Extreme stress levels
Reduce stress

Task management = Project management

Besides managing risks, materials, people and more, project managers are managing tasks all the time. With Arkchat, you can now manage your tasks without breaking a sweat.

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Poorly managed tasks = Project delays

Delayed responses and forgotten tasks push interim timelines, resulting in project delays. Using Arkchat, you can easily track and rectify what is delaying your project timeline.

Speed up projects