A tool that lets you work even from Antarctica

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Converse with everyone involved in your business as if they too are in Antarctica

Your team members, vendors, partners and customers are just a chat away, no matter where they are. You can now chat privately in a group with any of them.
All conversations are sorted by topic or relevance for easy trackability.

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Your discussions in your pocket

Discuss documents.
Find discussions tagged to respective documents and all documents sorted by topic or relevance for easy trackability.

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Even the Penguins know who is doing what

Chats converted to tasks keep you updated on who is doing what, what’s done, and what’s pending, wherever you are. Why use a separate task management tool when you can assign tasks through day to day chats?

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Approvals at your fingertips

You always know which request is approved, pending or rejected. A click converts your message to an approval request and makes it trackable.

See your business clearly even on a foggy day

Day to day business management requires quick conversations with those involved in your business, always know which task is done or pending and which request is approved or rejected. Only Arkchat integrates the essentials of managing a business into a simple-to-use app that lets you and your team work remotely.

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Can you really work remotely with just
Zoom, email and any other messaging app?