Arkchat organises the documents you save, automatically.

Find documents related to each topic

Imagine finding all information and documents related to one corner of your project in one single topic. For example – when building your home, you get access to architectural and engineering drawings, design inspirations, sketches,3D renders, products, mood boards, and cost estimates for your living room in one place.

Similarly, other businesses can find documents sorted by topics that are relevant to their work

Organise Documents

Inseparable messages & documents

Only Arkchat lets you discuss any document in unlimited message threads. Once you find a document you also find all the chats related to it.

Chat about each document

Get your team on the same page. Literally.

Working remotely has never been easier as you and your team can now access the same documents and related message history.

Be in sync

Your documents are secure as in a bank’s vault

You safeguard your password and we safeguard your documents. Your data remains in a secure database, inaccessible to any unauthorised person

Save Documents

Your documents in your cloud storage

You can push your documents to your google drive or dropbox on command.

Store Documents