Approvals at your fingertips

Messages = Approval requests

In Arkchat, a simple message becomes a trackable approval request at the click of a button. “Please approve the plan”, “Is the price acceptable?”, and “Requesting approval on changes made” are all examples of countless approval requests.

Messages = Approval requests
Track approvals

Safeguard yourself against claims

Trackable approvals help you justify your actions, safeguarding you against any claims.

Avoid the blame if approvals are delayed

Delayed approvals often slow down project timelines. Safeguard yourself against such eventualities by tracking all your approval requests.

Arkchat is the only messaging app that allows you to track your approvals to safeguard yourself against claims.
Track approvals

Raise invoices for additional work

With the help of trackable approvals, last-minute change requests by your clients will not go unbilled.

Manage invoicing

Timely approvals = fast projects

When approvals are tracked, the approvers tend to give quick decisions. Simultaneously, when the tasks are tracked, approval seekers tend to do their work in time resulting in faster projects.

Fasttrack projects