Get new business by collaborating with buyers through group messaging.

Connect automatically with buyers

Once you’ve posted your product or service on Arkchat, your listing can be found by organisations that use Arkchat to manage their business. Arkchat automatically creates a buyer/seller collaboration group when organisations shortlist your listing. Now, you and the organisation can add team members to this messaging group to collaborate during pre-sales.


Begin team collaboration with buyers

In buyer/seller collaboration groups, your and the buyer’s teams can collaborate by converting messages to tasks and approval requests. All team members can send private messages and communicate in their first language. Now, you can easily converse with buyers worldwide and engage in advanced collaboration when selling custom products or services.

Begin team collaboration with buyers

Continue collaborating with buyers after you’ve closed deals

Since Arkchat combines business messaging with a marketplace, it lets you collaborate with buyers after you’ve received orders. Such seamless collaboration between your team, vendors, partners, and customers helps you manage your business efficiently.

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