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  • Written by Chetan K Singh


There are two types of platforms for promoting your service or products. The first are e-commerce platforms where buyers add purchases to carts and check out after making payment. The second type are marketplaces that connect buyers with sellers. Most marketplaces connect buyers to sellers by giving sellers details to buyers. Buyers can then directly contact sellers over email or phone.

Arkchat innovation 

Arkchat innovation integrates a marketplace with a business messaging platform. This unique integration kills two birds with one stone. First, it helps teams collaborating on Arkchat find freelancers, service providers, and product sellers and second, it generates hot leads for service providers and product sellers who have listed their product or service on Arkchat. Furthermore, it facilitates collaboration during the pre-sales process between buyers and sellers.  

This is how lead generation and conversion work:

Ann is an interior designer based in London. She has created a group named ‘John and Sarah’s Home’ in Arkchat for her clients John & Sarah. ‘John and Sarah’s Home’ group members include Ann’s team of two designers, four engineering firms, a contracting firm, and the clients John and Sarah. Ann is looking for kitchen options for her client’s kitchen. She searches Arkchat marketplace right inside her chat box and finds an amazing kitchen listed by an Italian product manufacturer. She attaches the image of the kitchen to a chat message meant for her team members to discuss the design. As soon as she attaches the kitchen image, its Italian manufacturer’s team member gets a hot lead (notification) that Ann – the interior designer from London – is interested in their kitchen. By clicking on the notification, the Italian manufacturer starts a conversation with Ann and her team. Similarly, by clicking on the kitchen image, Ann and her team can start conversations with the Italian manufacturer. Ann sends a message to the Italian manufacturer in English, and he instantly and automatically receives it in Italian. When he send her a message in Italian, she receives it in English. The Italian manufacturer can also add other team members and even his dealer to this group conversation. In these group conversations between Ann, the Italian manufacturer, and the dealer, they can share CAD drawings, discuss attachments, the manufacturer/dealer can share custom designs and quotes, they can negotiate the price and discuss the installation process. To seek approval from John and Sarah, Ann can also include them in the discussion. While the engineering consultants and contractors are in the same group, they don’t see any conversations and attachments not meant for them.  

Why is lead conversion difficult in many marketplaces?

When you list your service or product on many marketplaces and converse with prospective buyers over email, you find it difficult to convert the lead into a sale because emails are either not replied or replied late. Presale conversations over email are extremely slow and cumbersome.  

List easily and convert hot leads into sales easily

Arkchat lets you list your service or products for free. Listing is easy because we don’t ask for much information. When you’re conversing with buyers, you can provide as much information as buyer wants. During such conversations you can also build relationships. Arkchat generates hot leads and not simply leads because when teams are collaborating and want to discuss something with their team they’ve searched for, they are genuinely interested. 

Sell where you get the best price

You benefit by buying from countries that offer low-cost and high-quality products and services and by selling where buyers can pay higher prices for your products or services. 

Arkchat is an amazing tool that gets you new hot leads and lets you engage with buyers on presale conversations.

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