Manage your entire business through messaging only on Arkchat

Arkchat is a business messaging app that helps you manage your business efficiently.
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  • Written by Chetan K Singh

Essentials for managing your business efficiently

You can manage your business more efficiently when your team communicates instantly with each other and with your vendors, partners, and customers. Teams can discuss statements, drawings, designs, or other documents and discussions can be retrived for easy reference and further action. All conversations and related documents can be systematically arranged for easy reference. You always know who is doing what, what’s done, pending, and approved. You can find new vendors, initiate negotiations with them, and close deals quickly. All this if done correctly, keeps teams synced, eliminates communication gaps which increases productivity and speeds up work. 

Why there is scope to improve how your business is managed

To do all of the above, you have to use separate tools and platforms for business messaging, task management, project management, to search for vendors on marketplaces, and to communicate with them via email. The irony is that multiple tools are never synced with each other making using them difficult. Furthermore, 90% of SMEs don’t use any tool except social messaging apps like WhatsApp for team communication and marketplaces to search for vendors. SME owners and managers keep chasing teams to remind them of their tasks. Most aspects of business are managed verbally.  

Manage your entire business using Arkchat

Arkchat innovation centres around managing day to day business through a simple to use messaging app. To use Arkchat, you don’t need to change how you work. You can send messages on Arkchat just as you do on WhatsApp or messaging tools like Slack, MS Teams etc, however, using Arkchat you get 10X more value in the following ways.

  1. Arkchat brings your team, vendors, partners, and customers together on one platform where everyone communicates with each other in groups. This helps keep everyone involved in your business in sync.
  2. You can create common chat groups with your team, vendors, partners, and customers. While everyone is in the same group, your team can still communicate and share documents privately with select group members. This powerful functionality helps you communicate with a small, selected group of people from different teams. For example, in a construction project, architects, engineers, contractors, product vendors, and the project owner teams can be in one group and still communicate privately with each other. Private communication helps maintain privacy and improves communication between your team and business associates. 
  3. You and your team members can communicate with each other and with associates in your language. Arkchat automatically delivers messages to other group members in their languages. Now communicating easily with customers and vendors across the globe is possible. 
  4. All chats and messages in groups are sorted by topics or relevance. This helps track the conversation histories for different topics. For example, in a home interior project, conversations related to the living room, home office, kitchen, bedroom etc. are sorted by the respective spaces. 
  5. Chat and message attachments can be discussed in separate chat threads. All discussions can be tracked to respective attachments. This keeps track of discussions and the actions required on attachments. 
  6. Google and YouTube open inside Arkchat. When sending a message to a group member, anything from Google or YouTube can be attached directly to the message. This saves time as searches outside Arkchat are unnecessary. 
  7. A click converts any message to a task. This task can be tracked to see whether it’s completed, pending, or delayed. This functionality helps you keep a tight grip on all aspects of your business. 
  8. A click converts any message to an approval request. This approval request can be tracked to see whether it’s approved or rejected.  Approvals are sought by juniors from seniors and by service providers and sellers from their clients and customers. Tracking approvals helps in taking the next step and also eliminates disagreements in the future.
  9. While collaborating with your team and associates, you can find freelancers, service providers and product sellers in Arkchat marketplace – which opens right inside your chat box – and engage in commercial negotiations with them. Unlike email, Arkchat ensures quick conversations. 
  10. Once vendors are finalised, you can invite them to your chat groups. This helps you actively collaborate with them during the course of your business.  
Get started in minutes

No other platform or tool provides the above mentioned essential value propositions. We’ve made Arkchat extremely simple so that its adoption takes a few minutes and you start experiencing its value as soon as you bring your team on board.

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