How to convert messages to trackable tasks?

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  • Written by Chetan K Singh

A task is work that is to be done or undertaken. Whatever you or your team need to do is a task. We perform uncountable tasks without even realising that these are tasks. A simple request like “may I have a glass of water” is a task. When you get the glass of water the task is completed, when you don’t get it, the task remains incomplete. While this example is not really ideal in business terms, it does reiterate the fact that we perform countless tasks everyday.

Running a business requires performing uncountable tasks to provide services, or produce and sell products. When you break down your business into processes then it becomes clearer that every process comprises a set of tasks. In the current business environment, tasks are performed not only by you and your team but also by your vendors, partners, and customers. It’s not humanly possible for the assigner or the assignee to remember every task. As a result, tasks are forgotten. Often team members are overloaded with work or as is human nature, they procrastinate. Hence, tasks are delayed. Forgotten and delayed tasks impact business by delaying services or by leading to products not being manufactured at optimum plant capacity or by impacting customer service. 

Currently, 95% of small and medium-sized business teams assign tasks verbally or maintain spreadsheets to manage tasks. Many tasks are assigned through emails or by sending chat messages. However, despite tasks being assigned  through email and chat messages, they’re still often forgotten or delayed. That’s because emails and messages are not trackable, as a result, the tasks assigned using them remain buried under thousands of other emails and messages.  

To overcome this issue, larger organisations engage project managers. Besides managing risks, their primary job is to manage tasks. They set up a manual system, to sort tasks assigned through email or messages by sending reminders to assignees. We know that project management services are expensive, hence they’re opted for only by those few who can afford them.  

The business owners and senior executives of most small and medium-sized businesses have to keep reminding their team, vendors, partners, and customers of pending tasks. They remain stressed and busy and often take corrective actions caused by damages done when tasks are delayed. Most business owners don’t use task management tools because they’re expensive and also because inputting tasks in those tools and managing them is itself a task. Hence, most business owners have no choice but to live with this perpetual problem forever. 

Arkchat has invented a unique system that converts day to day business messages into tasks at the click of a button. As soon as a message is converted to a task, it becomes trackable. Arkchat sends reminders to assignees about pending tasks and to assigners about tasks that are yet to be completed by assignees. Now business owners and senior executives  always know who is doing what, and what’s pending, done, and overdue. Team member wise reports, also become available. Arkchat, not only lets messages sent to team members to be converted to tasks but also does the same for messages sent to vendors, partners, and customers. Imagine how easy business becomes when all tasks become trackable without having to do anything. You regularly send messages, with just a click they can be converted into tasks. When messages get converted to tasks, team members tend to assign tasks through messages, not verbally, that’s because trackable tasks make everyone including vendors, partners, and customers accountable.   

Even if you use a task management tool, you don’t enter and manage petty tasks using it. Such tasks may seem insignificant, but they have a cascading effect that will impact your entire business. When day-to-day messages are converted into tasks,  assigning even petty tasks and tracking them becomes easy.  

So why wait, start managing your tasks from today. We guarantee you’ll manage your business better, your costs will fall, and profits will increase. Delayed tasks always increase costs.

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