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  • Remote Work
  • Written by Chetan K Singh

Covid-19 has given rise to the trend of work from home. Most professionals prefer to work from home because it eliminates commuting time, gives them time to manage their children and families even while working, and gives them the freedom to set their own working hours. Post Covid-19, many small and medium business owners are also choosing to continue working from home while their team works remotely, as this helps save on infrastructure and travel costs.

Also, there are industries in which – to provide a product or service – multiple teams must collaborate with each other. For instance Industries such as architecture engineering & construction, event management, and film & media. Each requires multiple agencies to collaborate with each other to provide a service or produce something. In these industries, multiple teams need to be connected with each other to work efficiently and eliminate communication gaps. 

Manufacturers need to collaborate with material suppliers, logistics partners, agent distributors, dealers, and even customers. The complexities of such collaboration increase significantly when manufacturers need to produce custom designed products as per buyers’ requirements. 

In this complex, remote work environment, having tools and processes that keep everyone who is working remotely on the same page is a must. It is easier said than done. While there are many platforms, tools, and applications that help bridge communication gaps, and help teams work remotely, no single application provides a holistic solution that lets everyone remain in sync with other team members as well as third parties involved in day to day operations. Zoom and Google Meet provide an excellent solution to meet virtually. Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp have made messaging extremely simple. Tools like BaseCamp, Asana, help teams organise their tasks, while Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox help teams share documents and store them in centralised cloud storages.  

Larger organisations have the bandwidth to use multiple software solutions and manage them using dedicated team members, however, small to medium-sized businesses become overwhelmed when they adopt multiple software solutions to manage day to day business and to remain in sync with remote teams, vendors, partners, and customers. As a result, just a few tools are used while some essential tools are left out. A typical SME business uses remote meeting tools like Zoom, and messaging apps like WhatsApp or even Slack etc. They also use cloud drives, but still manage tasks verbally or through spreadsheets. Even the small percentage of businesses that do use a task management system must manage multiple tools separately as they’re not in sync with each other. Many SME owners don’t want to pay subscriptions for multiple tools, so instead, they live with the current, day to day, problems of managing their business and accept them as  necessary evils of entrepreneurship.

Arkchat has innovated and created a solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses work more efficiently with remote teams and the teams working under the same roof. The solution is perfect even for multiple teams that need to work in tandem and manufacturers who collaborate with material suppliers, dealers, distributors, and customers. The Arkchat innovation lets a simple message be converted to a task or an approval request, making business messaging extremely powerful. This invention takes business messaging to the next level. When you always know who is doing what, what’s pending, done, delayed, and approved, imagine how easy managing your business and taking corrective actions in time will be. Especially when you’re doing everything without doing anything by assigning even the smallest task or asking for approvals using just day to day messaging. The single most important reason for lost time, increased costs, and missed business opportunities is that tasks and approvals are forgotten or delayed. Even when a small task or an approval request is forgotten or delayed, it can have an adverse cascading effect that ultimately affects your bottom line.  

In popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Slack etc.,  messages and related documents are not stored such that you can track the progress of day to day business activities. The documents and related discussions are never together, which makes correlation difficult. Arkchat has addressed both these issues by enabling you to view communications and documents topic wise and by letting you tag discussions with respective documents for easy reference. Also, only Arkchat lets you send messages to others in your language which they automatically receive in their language. Now you can converse with your Chinese, Italian, French or other suppliers who speak another language and with customers from any country without a language barrier standing in the way. Now working remotely with global teams has become possible.

Using Arkchat, you can also communicate and collaborate privately with select members in a chat group that has a large number of members. This helps you keep your communications and business secrets private. When you use WhatsApp or Slack, all messages in a WhatsApp group or Slack channel are read by everyone. 

Using Arkchat, you can also communicate and collaborate privately with select members in a chat group that has a large number of members. This helps you keep your communications and business secrets private. When you use WhatsApp or Slack, all messages in a WhatsApp group or Slack channel are read by everyone. 

The combination of a messaging app with a built-in marketplace means you can find new vendors and freelancers. Furthermore, you can not only discuss your requirements and their solutions but also collaborate with vendors and freelancers during the purchase lifecycle. Now you can work remotely with highly-skilled freelancers from countries where the cost of professional services is much lower.   

You can access Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Search Engine, and YouTube inside your chat box. Select anything and start collaborating with your team or vendors, partners, and customers.

Your office consists of your documents, communications, and trackable tasks, approvals and an integrated marketplace. Arkchat brings them all together in one simple to use app. That’s why we say with Arkchat, “you have a fully functional office that moves with you, wherever you go”. Now what stops you from working from home, a cafe, car, train, mountain, or beach?  

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