Find new customers and close deals through buyer/seller collaboration

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  • Written by Chetan K Singh

Every business, whether small or big, needs new leads to grow. Businesses get leads through references, LinkedIn, email marketing, ads, and lead-generation platforms. Here, we will discuss the nuances of converting leads to sales.

The above are good ways to get leads and should be adopted. However, most businesses face problems converting leads to sales.

When you get a new lead, you start communicating with the prospect to pitch your product or service, answer the prospect’s queries, discuss commercials, and get the order. This process requires seamless communication between your team and the buyer’s team. You communicate with buyers through phone, email, or meeting in person. We all know that communication through email is tedious. Either you don’t get replies to your emails, or replies are often late. Email communication remains scattered, and important emails are often lost among thousands of emails. Phone calls can be intrusive, and meeting in person costs time and money.

We combined business messaging with a marketplace to solve the communication problems when converting leads to sales. This innovation has the following advantages.

  1. Organisations using Arkchat to manage their business can also find vendors on Arkchat Marketplace. 
  2. Arkchat automatically creates a buyer/seller chat group when teams shortlist a vendor.  Buyers and sellers can add their team members to this group. Now, buyer and seller teams can communicate seamlessly with each other. When a buyer/seller group is created, sellers get a new lead.
  3. Buyers and sellers can collaborate by conversing in their language, which makes communication easier when they speak different languages. 
  4. Buyers can convert messages to tasks, and sellers can convert messages to approval requests. This speeds up pre-sales collaboration and maintains a record of discussions and approvals, which prevents buyer/seller conflicts.

While you spend a considerable sum to get leads through ads and lead generation platforms, getting leads on Arkchat is free. Once a lead is converted to sales, the buyer/seller can develop a long-term relationship through messaging on Arkchat and continue collaborating for years..

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