Importance of team collaboration in the workplace

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  • Written by Chetan K Singh

Efficient collaboration within teams is crucial for the success of any organisation. Collaboration has become harder in today’s complex business environment because most organisations deliver their products or services by working with vendors, partners, and customers. Since the pandemic, a remote work culture has set in, making collaboration more complex because many team members work from home.

Tools and technologies for team collaboration

Many tools and technologies are available for team collaboration. Here are some popular collaboration tools:

1. Project/task Management Software: Asana, Trello, Notion, and

2. Messaging Platforms: Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp.

3. Document Collaboration Tools: Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and Dropbox.

 4. Video Conferencing Tools: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

95% of small and medium-sized organisations don’t use project/task management tools due to cost considerations and the effort required to use these tools to manage day-to-day business. As a result, their operations/projects are often less productive, which impacts profitability. Almost every organisation uses a messaging platform to communicate with teams instantly, but these platforms also have limitations that lead to day-to-day collaboration issues. Every business uses a document collaboration and video conferencing tool.

Why Arkchat?
After researching and innovating business messaging, we have created a messaging platform that helps organisations manage their business operations or projects effortlessly through day-to-day messaging. When business teams use Arkchat to send messages, they can convert their messages to tasks or approval requests with the click of a button. This simple but powerful innovation eliminates the need to use project management/task management tools, saving organisations the cost and effort of using these tools.

We also identified messaging platforms’ limitations and implemented features that help business teams collaborate more efficiently with their colleagues, vendors, partners, and customers. Here are some benefits that are exclusive to Arkchat.

Converse privately with team members, vendors, partners, and customers
When you converse in groups/channels using Slack, WhatsApp, etc., every group member can read your message and attachments. Using Arkchat, you can converse privately with select team members and your business associates. Your conversations and respective attachments are visible only to select group members. Now, you can converse with ease without compromising privacy and confidentiality.

Organise conversations and attachments
When you use other messaging platforms, your messages and attachments in groups/channels are shown date-wise. Over a period of time, it becomes cumbersome to retrieve or correlate messages. When you use Arkchat, you can organise messages in groups topic-wise. For example, when an architect creates a group for his client’s home project, he can organise messages in groups for various spaces like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home office, etc. All conversations and related attachments related to specific space will be available in the respective topic folder for easy reference. Organising messages topic-wise keeps your team and others on the same page.  

Converse with group members in your language
Seamless collaboration with vendors, partners, and customers is difficult when they speak different languages. Using Arkchat you can easily converse with group members who don’t speak your language because Arkchat automatically translates your messages into their languages and their messages into your language. 

Use Generative AI, Google, and YouTube in day-to-day messaging

Arkchat Generative AI bot, Google, and YouTube remain in close reach in all chat groups. You can share their responses with your team, vendors, partners, and customers and even assign them as tasks or seek approvals. 

Find new vendors and collaborate with them

Arkchat has a built-in marketplace. When you need new vendors, you can find them on Arkchat Marketplace and collaborate with them in chat groups. If you’re in an industry where finding and collaborating with vendors is essential to completing projects, you’ll find Arkchat Marketplace very useful. For example, architects can’t complete a project without specifying products to clients in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Now, architects can find new product sellers on the Arkchat marketplace, collaborate with them in groups, and specify products to clients on one platform.

Measuring the success of team collaboration

Measuring team collaboration is essential to ensuring it is effective and identifying areas for improvement. Assessing your team’s overall performance can provide insights into the effectiveness of collaboration. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as project completion rate, customer satisfaction, and quality of deliverables can indicate the impact of collaboration on team performance.  Compare how well you achieve these KPIs using your existing messaging platform and task management tools versus when you use Arkchat.

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