5 Benefits of using Arkchat vs other task management tools

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  • Written by Chetan K Singh

The fundamental difference between Arkchat and other task management tools is how Arkchat lets you create and manage tasks compared to how other tools let you do the same. While using Arkchat, you can convert any day-to-day message into a task with the click of a button; in all other task management tools, you must create and assign a task. This difference may seem insignificant, but it greatly impacts how easily you manage your business. 

Some advantages of using Arkchat over other task management tools are as follows:

No additional effort to create tasks

The most common way for business teams to communicate today is through messaging. While you already communicate with your team through messages, Arkchat lets you convert these messages to tasks. Hence, you don’t need to make additional effort to create and assign tasks. Now, you can convert messages related to the smallest activity to tasks. If you look at your business deeply,

You’ll realise that numerous small tasks add up and have a huge impact if they are not completed on time. Using any task management tool, you generally create milestone-wise high-level tasks. These tasks may also have sub-tasks, but you can never anticipate and include detailed small tasks; milestone tasks will be delayed unless these are completed. Small tasks, in most cases, are managed verbally and without accountability.

Now, you can also assign tasks to your vendors, partners, and customers

Almost all task management tools are designed to let you manage your internal team’s tasks; you can’t manage your vendors’, partners’, and customers’ tasks using them. Task management tools charge a user-wise subscription that deters you from adding external teams to your task management system. In today’s complex business environment, most businesses deliver their products or services in collaboration with their vendors, partners, and customers. Slow responses by external teams delay the delivery of products or services, impacting your business.

Using Arkchat, you can collaborate with your team, vendors, partners, and customers in the same chat groups. Hence, you can convert messages to tasks for external teams. While using Arkchat, you also don’t incur any additional costs for managing tasks of external teams.

Track conversations related to tasks   
Since Arkchat is a messaging platform, it lets you track your team, vendors, partners, and customers’ task-related conversations. When you convert a message to a task, Arkchat creates a new message thread for that task. While converting your message to a task, you can involve concerned team members, vendors, partners, and customers in the conversation so that everyone is on the same page. All conversations related to that task take place in this message thread. If more tasks are required to complete the primary task, thread members can convert the messages they send to others in the thread into tasks. You can track the conversation trail, which helps you mitigate, in advance, the risk due to anticipated delays.

Does your current task management tool also let you track task-related conversations while keeping others in the loop? 

When you use Arkchat, dedicated project or task managers aren’t necessary

Simplicity is at the core of Arkchat’s innovation. Any team member can convert their message into a task and track it. While team members can view and manage their own tasks, seniors can manage all team members’ tasks. We’ve ensured privacy at every stage. You can view and track tasks you’ve assigned to your vendors, partners, and customers, but you can’t view tasks your vendors, partners, and customers have assigned to their internal teams. Using Arkchat, you don’t need dedicated task or project managers, whereas when you use other task management tools, you must assign a tool manager/project manager. 

Get real-time team performance analytics.   

Arkchat provides you with real-time team performance analytics. You always know who’s performing well and can take timely corrective action to avoid delays. ‘One-click’ while sending a message gives analytics that let you manage your business or projects effortlessly.   

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