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Arkchat is a business messaging platform. It helps SMEs manage day to day business efficiently by cutting cost, time, and effort. SMEs also get business by connecting to new customers.

Many first ever innovations differentiate Arkchat from existing business messaging platforms. Arkchat is the only messaging platform that:

  1. Integrates a business messaging platform with a marketplace.
  2. Lets everyone converse in their own language while collaborating with others. Messages are automatically translated into over 76 languages.
  3. Enables users to discuss chat attachments. Discussions are tagged to respective attachments for reference.
  4. Lets day to day messages be converted to tasks or approval requests with one click.
  5. Sorts messages by topic or relevance.
  6. Allows SMEs to invite freelancers, service providers, and product sellers to chat groups through the Arkchat marketplace.
  7. Brings a flovour of social media.

Messaging in Arkchat takes centre stage. Arkchat has made messaging so powerful that SME team, its vendors, partners, and customers remain in sync with simple day to day messaging. When day to day messages are converted to tasks and approval requests, SMEs have unprecedented capabilities to manage their business without extra efforts.

Integration of messaging with a marketplace helps buyers and sellers connect with each other. While collaborating with their teams, SME teams can find and engage in conversation with freelancers, service providers, and product sellers. On the one hand SMEs can source products and services while on the other hand sellers get new business opportunities.

Videos, and interesting content shared by SMEs and professionals in Arkchat gallery not only helps them get likes and followers but also enhances their brand perception.

Arkchat is global, besides making businesses more productive and profitable, it promotes cross-border commerce and provides professionals with freelancing and job opportunities.