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Arkchat helps organisations manage operations and get new business through day-to-day messaging

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Arkchat Ltd is a UK-headquartered tech startup founded by Chetan K Singh. Its back office is in India.

Arkchat has made business messaging more powerful. Now, organisations can manage operations effortlessly by converting day-to-day messages into tasks and approval requests.

Private messaging in groups and messages and attachments organised topic-wise make it easy for organisations’ teams, their vendors, partners, and customers to collaborate efficiently. Private messaging also helps maintain privacy and confidentiality, allowing diverse teams to converse with each other in one messaging group.  Incorporating generative AI into organisations’ messaging workflow increases productivity manifold.


Arkchat has integrated a marketplace with business messaging. Now, everyone using Arkchat can post their product or service to connect and collaborate with buyers through buyer/seller messaging groups. While organisations find new vendors and service providers, product sellers get new business opportunities.

Arkchat is an extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective business messaging app and web platform. Users can start using it in minutes. They derive instant value by efficiently collaborating with their team, managing tasks and approvals, and finding new business opportunities. It’s a global platform. Arkchat connects businesses and people from every geography and helps them conduct business with each other.