A Generative AI-powered messaging platform that helps you manage your business and get new business.

Manage your business and projects through day-to-day messaging

Get new business leads and collaborate with buyers to close deals

A platform that connects you to new customers and helps you collaborate with prospective customers while you pitch your products or services.

Get Business - Arkchat

Be local,
go global.

Cross-border communication is now made easy. Everyone chats in their first language. You can buy from the best or the cheapest, and sell in places you’ve never been before. The size of your work doesn’t matter anymore, only your work does.
A freelancer, a small firm, and a large corporation – everyone on Arkchat is truly global.

Be local,
go global.

A fully functional office that moves with you wherever you go.

Don’t be chained to one place. Work from an office, project site, home, cafe, car, train, mountain or beach.

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A fully functional office that moves with you, wherever you go.
  • A business messaging platform with a flavour of social media.

  • Sharing videos and photos brings you likes and followers. Your posts get tagged to your service and product postings, enhancing your brand identity for your clients or customers to see.

Team Communication - Arkchat

Features that differentiate Arkchat from other messaging platforms

Converse privately while still in a group

You can now converse privately with select group members. Your conversations and shared files are visible only to the team members you converse with. Maintain privacy while working with diverse teams.


Organise group conversations topic-wise 

You can organise group conversations topic-wise for easy reference and to track conversation history. All attachments are automatically organised in respective topics.


Use Generative AI, Google and YouTube inside Arkchat

Arkchat brings the power of generative AI, Google, and YouTube to your day-to-day messaging. You can now share generative AI, Google, and YouTube findings with group members, assign them as tasks or seek approvals on what you’ve found.


Effortless task management 

Only Arkchat lets you convert day-to-day messages into tasks, making it easy to know who is doing what, what’s completed, and what’s pending. Never miss deadlines.


Always know what’s approved

Converting messages to approval requests makes tracking approvals effortless. Work is done faster because pending approvals can be tracked and approved quickly. Being able to track approvals maintains corporate governance and mitigates vendor, partner and customer disputes


Connecting buyers and sellers

Arkchat is the only messaging platform that has a built-in marketplace.

Organisations that use Arkchat to manage operations and projects find and collaborate with product sellers, service providers, and freelancers in buyer/seller messaging groups.


Crossborder communication made easy

You can now converse in your first language while collaborating with others or selling anywhere, globally. Messages to your collaborators and clients are delivered in their first language automatically.

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Anya Haywood

Principal Designer

How Anya Haywood finds

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Anya Haywood

Principal Designer

How Anya Haywood collaborates with manufacturers & sellers

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Anya Haywood

Principal Designer

How Anya Haywood collaborated with team using Arkchat

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